Tenacious Tuesday

Things I want: This fricking adorable Orange Bug from Leedledee. Just one two photographs from Magnus Anesund.   …a vision in soft muted tones and energetic swirls from Vince Contarino. ..plus delicate Falling Colors from Cursive Design. …and finally this really bitchin Map of The World via Pinterest. My favorite part? Thanks for asking. No […]

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Pi Day

Yesterday was Pi Day and I love anything nerdy so if you feel like celebrating then let’s just call this International Pi week. I will start with chocolate. No silly – really 3.14. You know when you see something so outrageously cute and you think that your mind can’t possibly digest this level of cuteness? […]

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Things to Heart

WELCOME 2011. Yay! I don’t usually like hearts but I totally heart this heart garland from Anne Marie on her new Etsy shop. And the star garland…yes…really really adorable. I’ve been following Lisa Congdon’s Collection A Day and now I found art prints that feature these fabulous collections on 20×200. I heart the dice. Don’t […]

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Emerging Artists:Message in a Bottle

Marvels of magic, treasured potions, curious bric-a-brac, maps to no-where and long forgotten love letters collected inside miniature glass vials are intriguing, mysterious, unexpected and overflowing with treasures both alive and less than. A Cabinet of Curiosities A Necklace of Messages Message in a Bottle -Fleur de Lis Bottle Up Your Shells Bookmark on Delicious Recomend […]

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