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San Francisco International Arts Festival….May 18 – June 5 2011.

SF Fine Art Fair the weekend of May 20-22 2011.

Returning for an Eagerly-Awaited Encore

The San Francisco Fine Art Fair (SFFAF) returns in 2011 as one of the highlights in the Bay Area for contemporary art. In 2010, a rousing 15,000 art enthusiasts lined up and streamed through the fair- after a decade long absence. There was a bursting energy in the air and contagious enthusiasm as attendees were stunned by the museum quality art displayed by the 83 exhibiting galleries. In fact, the spectacular opening night generated 3,000 eager visitors, many of whom were the who’s who of the northern California art buying community.

Art Market San Francisco May 19-22 2011. artMRKT is pleased to announce its inaugural show at the Concourse Exhibition Center in downtown San Francisco this May. With galleries representing both contemporary and historically significant work, artMRKT is proud to present a selection of highly relevant and engaging programs from the Bay Area and around the world.

Maker Faire in  San Mateo May 21st and 22nd.  Detroit July 30 & 31st and New York Sept 17 & 18th.  

Started in San Mateo, California in 2006, and also being held in Detroit and New York, Maker Faire is the premier event for grassroots American innovation. As the World’s Largest DIY Festival, this two-day family friendly Faire has something for everyone – a showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness and a celebration of the Maker mindset.


Judge Jerry

How the reality show Work of Art changed me as a critic, for bad and for good.

…by Jerry Saltz

Judge Jerry from Work of Art; The Next Great Artist…..”It’s been one month since the final episode of Work of Art: The Next Great Artist aired on Bravo. For those who don’t know, I was one of four regular judges on the show, which, much like Project Runway or Top Chef, asked fourteen aspiring artists to compete for $100,000 and an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum”. Read the rest of the article here.



Posters from East Germany??? Yes – from 1967 thru 1990.

During the decade preceding the fall of the Berlin Wall, East German artists’ posters, known as Künstlerplakate, served as a dynamic means of individual expression. Functioning both as advertisements for cultural events, and works of art in their own right, these posters were produced in small editions. By keeping total production under 100 copies each, painters, sculptors, and graphic artists were able, for the most part, to bypass strict German Democratic Republic censorship boards. “Künstlerplakate: Artists’ Posters from East Germany, 1967-1990″ features 127 works from all over the former GDR, thus revealing the evolution of this artistic form, from early examples in the 1960s to the rich and varied highpoint of the late 1980s. Organized by Ingrid Mössinger and Katharina Metz for the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz—and showcasing a recent gift to that institution from collectors Margrit and Gert Becker—the exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated color catalogue.

Read more:

Etsy makes the news:

Handmade is becoming big business — really big. Etsy — the online marketplace for handmade items — announced earlier this week that it has raised $20 million in venture capital financing and has now tripled its valuation at $300 million (not including the funding). With sales up a whopping 72% from last year, business is booming — not to mention ex-Google exec Adam Freed being roped in as Etsy’s new chief operating officer.Read the rest here.

And from ABC Local out of Toledo more Etsy news.



And better yet – Steampunk Trends which  – when I discovered them – it was LOVE at first site. Take a look at California Home and Design Resource for the steampunk 411.

“Lately a few of us at CH&D have been hearing the word “steampunk” thrown around. What is steampunk you might ask? Steampunk—which has just been added to the Oxford English Dictionary—is a sub-genre of science fiction that takes place in a futuristic world that is still powered by steam and often evokes Victorian Era style. Confused? Think: Jules Vern, H.G Wells and Captain Nemo meets 21st Century… almost. In terms of design it’s an interesting mix of industrial chic, vintage pharmacy, brassy modern and…well, just take a look.”

And – HOLY CRAP BATMAN…..a blog devoted to the art of Steampunk. Life is so truly good.


If you get a chance read this very interesting blog post on The Daily Serving about the season finale of Work of Art here.

“Work of Art has opened up the field of art criticism by feeding material to a public predisposed to publishing their opinions. What should concern us is not the legitimacy of these opinions, but rather how easily and yet unintentionally, they contributed to art criticism as the production of publicity rather than insight.”


It’s so important to use the correct keywords and labels to describe what you are selling and I just came across this amazing article on the Folksy blog that says it all. These UK people have that whole keyword thing going on.

Here’s an excerpt: “This post in our series of Shop Front articles is all about writing the very best, accurate descriptions of your handmade item and supplies. Showing you how to write a ‘Power Paragraph’, naturally incorporate keywords and also how to format your descriptions for maximum impact and readability”.

The Folksy Knowledge Base (a very useful resource for buying and selling on Folksy) recommends using the following points to help you construct your item description.

You are given a whopping 2500 words to describe an item. Long descriptions may be necessary if your item is of a complex nature but usually a short description is more likely to be read rather than scanned. Keywords are used in combination with labels and the title to ensure the best matches are returned to a search.

Check out the whole article here.



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