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Thoroughly Thursday

Truthfully -  not really sure but I’m going for it. Christian Conlh via Cargo Collective.   There’s something about the color orange and bicycles that gets me everytime. This little jewel is from Maxime Francout at Society 6.   Vote for your favorite outdoor space from California Home and Design.I’m all over number 16 with […]

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Emerging Artists and Fair Trade

Lots of info on Fair Trade lately – one of my favorite subjects. And through Twitter (gotta love it) I found so many new online sources for fair trade products. Why fair trade? Fair Trade empowers. Fair Trade is a movement to create a more equitable system of global trade. Fair Trade focuses on direct […]

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Art Events and The City in 3-D

It’s Thursday…it’s raining again. I guess the good part is that I get to stay inside and look at more art. Lot’s of new finds today as well as local and international events. This weekend…do me a favor. Do one artful thing . It can be: visit a gallery make something artsy read a review on an […]

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Saturday Mash

We went to the Art For Aids Silent and Live Auction last night. Wow – so much talent and passion in one building. I wanted to buy everything but it simply wasn’t possible!. Oh but to dream right? A few of my favorites are: Work by Trish Tunney. Unfortunately the one that was featured is […]

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Fantasy Re-Do

Every once in a while  – well a lot actually – I get this itch to remodel or REDECORATE so I find really swanky things that are a little strange and I imagine how I would use them in my house and where I would put them. Here’s what I found recently: Shiny metal deer […]

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Art News and Fab Finds

A few quick tid-bits of cool news. (what does tid-bit really mean?) First – Check out Paper Girls for a VERY FUN project…Yes! Paper Girl is a yearly art event where you send in art – it gets displayed and then it’s thrown at random to passersby in San Francisco so they get to have […]

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Monday Decor

I’m always looking for eco-chic and ways to lower my carbon footprint so I found this great site from a company right here in San Francisco (yay!).  Modern-Twist – such insanely fun stuff. I really think – and I hope you’ll agree that home furnishings – while being functional should also look great – always. […]

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Oh! I love contests. Especially when they inspire me to try something I haven’t before. I thought I would do a little online browsing and look for contests out there that inspire creativity, motivate the artist within and give all my readers some fun info. So here goes: Craft Contests through Craft Gate has weekly […]

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