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With over 15 years in the art publishing business I am veryoften asked:

So I decided it was time to put all that information into an easy to read and understand eBook. The Coexistence of Art and Money is now available.

46 pages of practical knowledge and advice as well as tips, comments and images. At only $14.00 you can purchase this as a cd or I will download it. Click here to purchase.

Here’s an excerpt:

Making a Living

Making a living from your art is the dream of every artist – or at least all the artists I know. Some are lucky and can make it and most, like myself earn money in a variety of ways. Art publishing and licensing can be quite lucrative but it takes tenacity to truly make it. It also takes money because you will need to attend trade shows or possibly exhibit at trade shows and that gets pricey. But making a living is possible.


If you are like most artists you will need to earn money from several sources. I sell my art on a variety of web sites and currently work with three publishers. Receiving checks each quarter from these sources is wonderful. When I open the mailbox and find a few checks it always makes my day. But – it’s not enough. Don’t quit your day job! If there is anything you need to know it’s this. I know you want to be an artist and have romantic ideas about working in a studio but you also need to do grownup things like pay rent, pay for your cell phone, eat and make sure your internet connection is paid for. So – on that note…think about how much you need to live on and act (and spend) accordingly.

I worked at an art publisher for ten years and made art on the weekends. Even with those limited hours dedicated to creating I still made a decent amount from royalties but not enough to live on. Now I make my living off writing articles, taking freelance positions and selling art prints through on-line galleries where I receive royalties. I never stop. All day I am working on opportunities to earn money. I only create art a few days a week and it might only be a few hours total. That’s the reality. The artists I know who have made a living have many images in print and successfully license their art but the industry has changed in many ways – some good and some not so good. Once, it was up to the publisher to do all the work and you got a royalty check and they were the only ones who printed your work. But now – with so many ways to print our own artwork it is not just the publisher who is responsible for your income. You are responsible too. So don’t rest on your laurels and think someone else does all the work and you get all the money.

 What does rest on your laurels mean? I’ve always wondered that.

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