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Tumbling Tuesday.

Turkey Day over…which kinda makes me sad. Am I the only one who thinks Thanksgiving has taken a back seat to Black Friday? Come on people…. Enjoy the food fest…plenty of shopping time later! Ok – got it out of my system.  Any pumpkin pie left? Jessica Gills illustrations make me want to sit on […]

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Yarn Bombing and Various Activities

I know – what a weird title. Yarn bombing is just so random and secretive that I felt it was worth a spot– so here are a few examples of what happens when wayward knitters armed with knitting needles and lots of colorful yarn are allowed to roam the streets. This collection of photos is […]

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Entering a Dreamlike State

Jane Dixon’s colorful illustrations make me smile. Definitely an Art Crush. If I took a rocket ship to a dream this is where I would land. From Fumiko Toda via Pinterest.   So subtle but clearly unmistakeable. Just Once More by Angie Renfro from Lark and Key.  Etcetera Wine Bar now on Valencia. Rumor has  […]

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It’s All In The Antlers…

I’ve come across some really fun, colorful, energetic and somewhat mystical antler art and animal head art. The deer antlers are shed naturally by deer every year so it’s fairly easy if you live in deer territory to come across them on a hike. Then others are made of resin or paper mache like the […]

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My Artist Crush Today Is….

…all things Flickr. I was flipping through some of the groups I follow…browsing the collages and becoming increasingly inspired and intoxicated at the wealth of imagination that was displayed before me. So what a great idea to make today official Flickr Day. From Wolfann we have Analiza Funkcjonalna. That’s a lot of consonants so concentrate […]

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The Moon and Dreamy Places

If I got to exchange ideas like this I know I would exchange a lot of ideas! “They Exchanged Freely ideas” by Andrea Daquino.   …and memories of a trip to Tangier.   Joyful floating in this dreamy piece, Suspension of Disbelief by Duy Huynh from the online gallery Lark and Key.   If one […]

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Under The Sea and Up in The Air

I’m thinking globular. Is that a word? Either way these vintage globes from Art on Globes , turned wildly cool are …way cool. Through the 5th of this month – (2 more days) you we can enjoy the wild and expressive art of Casey Gray at White Walls SF. Like this….Homebody.   Valeria Nascimento creates earthly […]

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Simple Things

Simplicity in art – when done correctly with great thought and composition – is my most favorite style of all. When I discovered the artistic works of Tsilli Pines I got swept away in The Figures collection that brings together simple materials like paper, ink, thread and is then fused with minimalist color. That’s all […]

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