Friday Folly

Today I am here to discuss garbage. I know what you are thinking. Garbage…yuck. I know! And that’s exactly it. I am so against garbage. So people…let’s commit today…right now…to consume less thus using less garbage.

The first thing. Eliminate water bottles. If you are still buying icky plastic bottles shame on you and where have you been? Get a water bottle now. See below.

Go ultra-chic with this stainless steel bottle from Chartreuse. Green…no orange!

Chartreuse stainless steel water bottle

Oh – they have biodegradable Pooch, Poop Pouches. I would get a dog just so I could buy these. Wait…I  have one….

Next….zip lock bags bad. Reusable bags good. Here you go. Any questions?

This one from Reuse Zone is insanely cute. See the the cupcakes? Aren’t these so much better than using icky plastic bags?

reusable sandwich bag

I am done with guilting you for today. Next week let’s tackle paper towel. Oh my…..

Oh wait…excuse me I thought I was done but just one more thing. Please visit My Plastic Free Life. It will make you see plastic in a  whole new way. Ok…one more link. I read about Bea Johnson in Sunset magazine this month and this woman throws away one handful of garbage per year. Crazy I know. If you get a chance please visit her sites, Be Simpler and The Zero Waste Home to get inspiration and ideas on how you can also live a garbage and plastic free life. (Bea  -you are my new hero).

Color Fast Street Art on Ready Made Magazine. This is made from garbage. Love the bright colors for a cold January day.

ready made magazine color fast art

And speaking of small space living…this lovely little town by The Oak Leaves is right up my alley. I think I would like to live there – keeping my life simple. I’ll take the little house on the left thanks.

little town handcrafted on etsy

***And even though I’m not a big fan of mushrooms. Or a little one….I am a huge fan of these ones.

And finally to round out the eco-chic theme today how about this gorgeous stationary collection by Urbanic Paper Boutique. Urbanic carries a variety of items that are recycled, post consumer and made from sustainable materials like soy ink and tree-free paper. Lovely aren’t they?

urbanic paper boutique

Finally – read this article in the SF Gate about weighing choices in your green living. Plastic vs. paper….paper towels or cloth rags? 

Have a great Friday….and a great weekend and thanks for visiting.

One Response to “Friday Folly”

  1. Thank you for featuring Reuse Zone’s bags!!! Great Blog – I love it!


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